Events in Yogyakarta (Yogya)

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Dalem Pujokusuman [C6]

Keparakan Kidul, reached via a gang just off Jl Brigjen Katamso: look for the sign on the main road, showing Hanoman.

Dance performances drawn from a menu including segments of 'Ramayana Ballet', Monday and Friday, 2000–2130.

Richard Pickvance,
Dec 03/Jan 04

Hanoman's Forest Garden Restaurant [C6]

Jl Prawirotaman.

Dance: Saturday, 1700–1900.

Wayang golčk: Monday and Thursday, 1730–1900 (Ramayana cycle)

Wayang kulit: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday, 1700–1900 (Ramayana cycle).

Yogyakarta Provincial Culture and Tourism Office, Dec. 2003


Top-class hotels usually have live music in the foyer for part of the day: e.g. gamelan at Ambarrukmo Palace (Jl Adisucipto (Jl Solo), near Jl Janti) and Hotel Natour Garuda (Jl Malioboro, near station), siteran ensembles at Hotel Santika (Jl Jend. Sudirman) and Puri Artha (Jl Cendrawasih, parallel to and north of Jl Solo). Enquire for details of times.

Kroncong: Saturday, 1900–2200, Hotel Natour Garuda.*

Mĺcĺpat: Hotel Natour Garuda ??

*Yogyakarta Provincial Culture and Tourism Office, Dec. 2003

ISI (Institut Seni Indonesia)

Tertiary-level arts academy at Sewon, on the west side of the main road from Yogya to Parangtritis, ?? km south of the Ring Road.

Rehearsals for dance, karawitan and wayang kulit take place in various parts of the site on on weekdays. Although activities theoretically run from about 0900 to 1300, in practice some may continue into the afternoon.


Kraton [B5]

Events take place in

  • Bangsal Srimanganti, in the first courtyard south of the main entrance (which may be reached from the end of Jl Rotowijayan or the end of Jl Kemitbumen): events take place there every day in normal weeks
  • Bangsal Kasatriyan, well to the east of the main pendhĺpĺ (the Bangsal Kencono): it is approached via the main entrance (see above)
  • Pagelaran, approached from the Alun-alun Lor (= Alun-alun Utara)
  • Sasono Hinggil, approached from the Alun-alun Kidul (= Alun-alun Selatan)

Uyon-uyon: Sunday, 1100–1200; Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, 1000–1200; all in Bangsal Srimanganti. Some of these performances are given by groups from outside the kraton. Also see Kraton Festival below.

Dance performances: as part of the uyon-uyon (see above) on Sunday and Thursday in Bangsal Srimanganti. Various groups provide dancers for these performances. Also see wetonan below. Also see Kraton Festival below.

Dance rehearsals (for subsequent wetonan: see below): in Bangsal Kasatriyan. Times are unpredictable, but rehearsals may occur during events in the Bangsal Srimanganti. If the floor of the Bangsal Kasatriyan has been cleared of bird droppings, it may indicate that a rehearsal is imminent – or has just taken place.

Sekar: Friday, 1000–1130, Bangsal Srimanganti

Wayang golčk: Wednesday, 0900–1200 approx., Bangsal Srimanganti. Also see Kraton Festival below.

Wayang kulit: Saturday, 0900–1300 approx., Bangsal Srimanganti. Also on second Saturday of month, 2100–0430, in Sasono Hinggil:

2004 schedule for Sasono Hinggil*




10 Jan

Ki MR Timbul Cm Mgl


14 Feb

Ki Edi Suwondo

Geger Pringgadani

13 Mar

Ki Seno Nugroho

Bima Bothok

10 Apr

Ki Hadisugito

Shinta Nitik

 8 May

Ki Suteja

Kresna Gugah

12 Jun

Ki Sutarko Hadiwacono

Aji Bima Kurda

10 Jul

Ki Sutoyo

Senggana Duta

14 Aug

Ki Sutono Hs

Gatutkaca Wisuda

11 Sep

Ki Purbo Asmoro

Wahyu Makutharama

 9 Oct

Ki Sukoco

Erawati Sayembara

13 Nov

Ki Manteb Sudarsono

Brubuh Alengka

11 Dec

Ki Parjaya

Bima Suci

Wetonan and siaran: malam Selasa-Wagé, 2130–0030, in Bangsal Kasatriyan. Includes srimpi performed by kraton dancers. This takes place outside the usual opening hours of the kraton.

Lesung-pounding: The rhythmic pounding of the rice-mortar (lesung) forms part of the Tumplak Wajik ceremony, two or three days before the Garebeg ceremonies. Confirm details of date, time and place before the event.

Ceremonial gamelan Sekatčn: the week of 5–12 Mulud, except for Jum'at, in the two small pavilions (pagongan) in front of the Great Mosque (Mesjid Ageng) west of the Alun-alun Lor. The instruments are carried in procession from the kraton to the pagongan at the start of the week. Confirm details of dates and times before the event.

Kraton Festival (annual, 19–23 September 2004): most events take place in the evenings in the Pagelaran. Uyon-uyon, dance and wayang golek. Also folk dance and turtledove singing contest on Alun-alun Kidul.

Richard Pickvance,
Dec 03/Jan 04.

*Yogyakarta Provincial Culture and Tourism Office, Dec. 2003

Nitour Inc [B5]

Jl Ahmad Dahlan

Wayang golčk: daily, 1100–1300 (Ramayana cycle)

Yogyakarta Provincial Culture and Tourism Office, Dec. 2003

Nyai Suharti [H2]

The original Yogya fried chicken (ayam goreng) establishment, on Jl Laksda Adisucipto (Jl Solo) between Jl Janti and Jl Babarsari.

Klenčngan: .

Wayang kulit:


Pakualaman palace [D4]

Entered via a minor road just off Jl Sultan Agung. Events take place in the main pendhĺpĺ.

Wetonan and siaran: malam Sabtu-Paing, 2130–0000. This takes place outside the usual opening hours of the palace, but the main gate is open.

Richard Pickvance,
Dec 03/Jan 04

Purawisata [C5]

Jl Brigjen Katamso.

Wayang gedhog: Sunday, 1300–1400

'Ramayana ballet': daily, 2000–2100

Dangdut: daily, 2100–2300?

Jathilan: Sunday, 0830–1300

Yogyakarta Provincial Culture and Tourism Office, Dec. 2003

Radio Geronimo

Radio station with an interest in experimental music, including gamelan-related experiments. Organises annual Yogyakarta Gamelan Festival (5–17 July 2004). Broadcasts on 105.8 MHz FM.

Wayang kulit: 2100–0500, last Tuesday/Wednesday? of the month


RRI (Radio Republik Indonesia)

Studios are on Jl Jazuli [C3]. Auditorium is on Jl Gejayan [E2]. Broadcasts on xx.xx MHz FM.

Wayang kulit: some Saturdays, 2100 to 0530, in auditorium.

Kethoprak Mataram: first Saturday of month, in auditorium:

Schedule for 2004*



3 Jan

Elang Sutajaya

7 Feb

Rebutan Bumi Maos

6 Mar

Iman Sumangsa Edan

3 Apr

Warog Jogorojo

1 May

Sriuning Mustika Tuban

5 Jun

Putri Joharmanik sr 1

3 Jul

Putri Joharmanik sr 2

7 Aug

Pahlawan Trujaya

4 Sep

Putri Serang

2 Oct

Suminten Edan

6 Nov

Sritanjung Sidapeksa

4 Dec

Raden Sangkala


  • Evening, ?day, ?time. Recorded earlier in the day, in studios.
  • Midday, ?days, 1130?

Richard Pickvance,
Dec 03/Jan 04

Provincial Culture
and Tourism Office, Dec. 2003

Sonobudoyo Museum [B5]

Jl Trikora, north-west corner of Alun-alun Lor.

Wayang kulit: daily, 2000–2200 (Ramayana cycle).

Yogyakarta Provincial Culture and Tourism Office, Dec. 2003

Taman Budhaya Yogyakarta (TBY) [C4]

Corner of Jl Senopati and Jl Mayor Suryotomo, behind market. The TBY is less active than the TBS in Solo, but sometimes organises cultural events.

Richard Pickvance,
Dec 03/Jan 04








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